Features of Infrared Technologies

General features of technologies that make use of infrared lights are introduced here.

  • Light transmission is 100% because no film or glass needs to cover the surface. It is free of deterioration in visibility such as blurring, reflection, and lowering of luminance.
  • Infrared touch screen can be operated with wet fingers or dirty gloves. Thus, it is employed for applications that require high reliability such as plant control system, factory automation and ATM.
  • No physical nor electrical contacts are required for sensing method. Thus, the sensor is stress free. Thus, it is highly durable.
  • Compared with other technologies, infrared technology is stronger against electrostatic and magnetic noises.
  • Infrared technology can support multi-touch.
  • Infrared technology is suitable for large size panel.
  • Because an infrared technology uses lights for sensing, the detecting function can be affected by strong light such as direct sunlight.
  • The resolution of basic infrared technology is not as good as other technologies. Thus, it is not suitable for applications that require precise inputs. On the other hand, the optical imaging technology is good at accuracy, resolution, and response speed.
  • It is generally considered that infrared technology is difficult to be applied to small size panel. Recently, infrared touch screens for small sizes seem to be developed.
  • Infrared technology usually requires a certain space for installation. Thus, the device tends to be large.
  • Infrared technology detects anything that blocks lights. Thus, it may wrongly detect insects or dust.
  • The advantages of infrared technology are environmental resistance, no limitation on input materials, and easiness of maintenance. Due to these merits, infrared touch screens are used on ATMs, factory automation, plant control systems, ticketing machines, medical equipment, kiosks, POS, interactive whiteboards, other large-size applications, and office automation.

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