How to avoid buying a refurbished bill acceptor

Here are a few things you can do to avoid buying a refurbished bill acceptor. Please note that the following advice is for reference only and does not completely guarantee that you will avoid the risks of purchasing 2nd hand or refurbished equipment. You still need to consider carefully before purchasing and make a decision based on the actual situation.

1. Find reliable sales channels

When deciding to buy bill acceptors, try to find reputable and experienced sellers or official channels.
This increases the chances of purchasing genuine equipment and reduces the likelihood of purchasing refurbished equipment.

2. Check the product quality certification

Before purchasing, carefully check the quality certification mark of the banknote machine, such as the nationally recognized safety certification mark or CE certification mark. These certifications ensure the quality and reliability of the equipment.

3. Pay Attention to Appearance and Packaging

Carefully observe the appearance and packaging of the bill acceptor. Refurbished devices may have issues such as visible signs of use, scratches, or incomplete casings. If the exterior doesn’t look new or up to normal production standards, it could be a sign of refurbished equipment.

4. Check the production label

Check the label on the bill acceptor to see the date of manufacture, if it was manufactured a long time ago, it is likely to be a stock product or a second-hand product.

5. Check Accessories and Features

Before purchasing, check that the accessories and features of the bill acceptor are complete and working properly. For example, confirm that the device’s cables, metal plane, bill validator, etc. are all provided. If there are any unusual or incomplete accessories, it could be a sign of a refurbished unit.

6. Seek the advice and experience of others

Before making a purchase, seek the advice and experience of others. Ask other people about their experiences and recommendations with bill machines, and find out what they have to say about a particular brand or model. This can provide valuable information from the experiences of others and help avoid purchasing refurbished equipment.

Case study

A friend of mine happily told me that he bought two bill acceptors at a relatively low price, this price was obviously lower than the market price, so I asked him to provide a picture of the label on the product.

Through the serial number information on the label, I can deconstruct that the production dates of the two banknote machines were December 21 and January 22 respectively, The production date is more than one and a half years ago, so it cannot be a brand new product.


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