Installation types of industrial touch screen monitor

Introduction of Industrial Touch screen monitor

Industrial-grade touch monitors are industrial monitors with touch functions. Common touch methods include capacitive touch, infrared touch, and resistive touch. It is a device used in industry and is very different from ordinary displays.

Industrial-grade touch monitors are composed of three parts: LCD touch screen, functional motherboard, and casing. The structural materials are generally made of aluminum alloy and have good heat dissipation, anti-electromagnetic interference, high and low-temperature resistance, dustproof, waterproof, and earthquake resistance.

Installation types of industrial touch screen monitor

According to differences in installation methods, industrial-grade touch monitors can be classified as follows:

Embedded industrial-grade touch monitor

Embedded industrial-grade touch monitor, as the name implies, means that the monitor is embedded in the customer’s product equipment. The customer’s product or equipment must have a large or medium-sized control cabinet. Except for the display panel, the rest is embedded in the client equipment and fixed with hooks on the back. Large control cabinets need to be installed according to the opening dimensions in the embedded installation diagram of the industrial touch monitor manufacturer.

​Wall-mounted industrial-grade touch monitor

Wall-mounted industrial-grade touch monitor is hangable. It can not only be hung on the wall, but also installed on customer equipment. The angle of the industrial monitor can be adjusted according to customer requirements. With the appropriate mounting arms, industrial-grade touch monitor can be mounted in any location for user viewing and are typically used on small, medium, and large devices. ​

Rack-mounted industrial-grade touch monitor

Generally speaking, a rack-mounted industrial-grade touch monitor is installed on a cabinet, such as a 21-inch cabinet, so its width is a standard 21 inches and the mounting holes are standard. The sizes are basically fixed. Rack-mounted industrial-grade touch monitors are generally used in large cabinets, such as telecommunications, power supplies, and large servers. ​

Open-frame industrial-grade touch monitor

Industrial-grade touch monitor has no frame and only has an internal display panel; Or, the monitor has side frames with mounting holes, which could be used for mounting the monitor to the cabinets with screws. Customers mainly use it on small-sized equipment. Generally, the installation space of industrial monitors is not large. For example, ATM machines, commercial POS, etc., which are usually installed inside customer equipment. ​


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